Unusual Military Activity off Southern California Coast

US Aircraft Spots is currently following unusual Military Activity off the Southern California Coast as of 5:45am PDT.

In the past 13 Hours, We have logged multiple Maritime Patrol aircraft working over the same specific area above the Pacific Ocean. Included is a log of aircraft details and photos.

4:14pm PDT - 4/09/2017
x1 United States Navy EP-3E Aries II - Reg: 156517

Source : JetPhotos
EP-3E 156517

x1 United States Navy P-3C Orion - Reg: 161586

Source : JetPhotos
P-3 161586

1:02am PDT - 4/10/17
x1 Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Orion - Reg: 140112

Source : JetPhotos
CP-140 140112

5:45am PDT - 4/10/17
x1 United States Navy P-8A Poseidon - Reg: 167955

Source : JetPhotos
P-8A 167955

Note that, this by UNCONFIRMED means, appears to NOT be an exercise, as the hours of operation are late and unusual. This is currently an active pending story and updates will be posted within the next hour including more details. All of these aircraft can be tracked using the 'Military' filter on ADS-B Exchange.


  1. Nice spot! 167955 is VX-1 Pioneers

  2. USN EP-3E Aries II (DEEPC803) is arriving on-station, along with USAF KC-135R (SNAP92), which will presumably replace USAF KC-135R (SNAP091)

  3. USN P-3C-II½ Orion (RH801) just departed NASNI, en-route to station

  4. nice read. thanks for highlighting this news. ronnie

  5. Multiple aircraft on-station . . . .

  6. The Canadian aircraft lends credence to this being an exercise, folks.

  7. Russian sub activity is now past cold war levels. They just lost track of a Russian Boomer off the west coast. When it's located again the activity will fall off..


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